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90's Slam Book

No other time better than 90s. This is the time when the world make sense. This is the time when kids are having real good time. We literally hang out on trees back then. Good old times.
30K 475

Ambisyosong Tamad

Mahirap maging seryoso sa buhay. Ito ang pinakatotoo kong plano sa buhay at mga bagay na pinapahalagahan ko.
29K 0


This is the lyrics of the song "COME AS YOU ARE" by NIRVANA as it happens in real life.
17K 792

Tanos Slam Book

This page is about immaturity and being a poser. The purpose of this page is to hurt your eyes.
17K 473

Sid, Chloe and Yan-yan

Ang mga mahal naming mga anak. This will be our page where we can post our good memories so Google would see the amount of text they can exploit on this website for whatever purpose it may serve them.
15K 474


Mga kabaliwan ko. Paki mo?
10K 919

Me and Anime World

This is my personal page about how I love anime and some badass and classic anime characters that I love. Hope you'll like it.
9K 479

Let Me Ask

These are some of the most insane questions you can hear from a person. I hope you enjoy some of my random thoughts.
7K 474

To everyone

This is my message to everyone and to scholars 20 years from now.:')
7K 0

Travel Moments

These are my friends and my memories with them. Happy moments with my family and friends.
5K 473


This page is about books that you find interesting, authors, places where you read often and discussions of books previously read.
5K 478

Kaori Oinuma

Si Kaori ay nakilala mula sa PBB and tagged as "Kawaii Daughter of Japan" winning the third place.
4K 476

6 Libra Slambook

Ito ay ang official page of 6 Libra.
4K 464

Thomas Edison Slam Book

I am one of the most outstanding inventor in the history of the world. I did it during the time where innovations are highly-needed due to lack of technological advancement. You should all be thankful to me so stop using TIKTOK.
4K 0

Arci Lang

Inside here are just made out of curiosity and I'm a little bored. Whatever you see here, leave it here.
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