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This page is about immaturity and being a poser. The purpose of this page is to hurt your eyes.
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Happines Slam

I enjoy the little things in life and you should too. Below are my thoughts of being a happy person and how to keep it tha way. My hobbies and activities that keep me being positive keep on doing good things for the community.
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Daring Slambook

From naughty to something that is daring, here are some of the questions I have in mind. I dare you to answer all of it and let's see the most insane answer we got.
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What I Learned From The Bible

These are the things that makes me a person in the hand of God. He helps me and gives me all the good things in my life. He walks with me during my trials. He won't leave me. I won't leave him.
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My Aching Heart

Hindi ko alam kung bakit pero e2 na. Masakit nga talaga pero kaya ko pa. Ginawa ko ko'to dahil seryoso. Mahal mo ba? Sabihin mo na..
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To everyone

This is my message to everyone and to scholars 20 years from now.:')
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Christmas Slambook

This slambook is about christmas and other related question. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I'm so excited that I prepare our Christmas decoration 2 months before Christmas. These are the questions I want you to answer about christmas and how you spend this wonderful event with your loved ones.
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Antipolo Student Slambook

Just for fun! Mga nakakatuwang tanong tungkol sa kahit ano. Mga estudyanteng nag-aaral sa Antipolo City lang please. Create your own page!
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