What is our website all about?

Our website is an online slambook where you can create lists of information about any topic. The information is placed in a panel that can be customized. Our version is different from traditional slambook where questions are asked on a page. Here, topic is presented and then described to give hint to what should be a relevant answer or entry on that item. The post doesn't need to be a question. Creating a post on our website is a revision of the old slambook that we love. We would like to claim that we have created a modern version of the slambook; simple but flexible.Here's an example of a post that you might want to check.


You need an account to use our service. Once logged in using your username, you will be able to do the following:

New Feature

Recently, a new feature was added allowing users to create a static slambook. Here, a user will be able to choose what kind of section he will be adding on his slambook. He can also add stickers to his post. Since last May 1, 2020, users can now upvote or downvote a slambook. View sample post.