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Grow Up (the song about me)

This song is one of the best song I heard from "No Pads No Helmets" album of Simple Plan and here's what it means to me.
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Places I Need To Visit

I need to visit all these places. You only live once. At least make your living body do what makes you happy. I love travelling but I'm limited financially. Planning is free. When everything is in placed, I will surely visit all on my list. It is a wishful thinking but no one really knows about the future. If it won't happen I would still have the most beautiful life because I have my family.
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Ambisyosong Prokrastinator

Ang slam book ng isang procrastinator at bakit hindi siya magtatagumpay sa buhay. Bahala na basta may pangarap sa buhay..haha Alam ko wala pang tamad na yumaman pero wala pang masipag na yumaman diba? Lolo ko nga araw-araw naghanda ng palayan tuwing dumadating ang ulan, wala naman..
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This is the lyrics of the song "COME AS YOU ARE" by NIRVANA as it happens in real life.
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Happines Slam

I enjoy the little things in life and you should too. Below are my thoughts of being a happy person and how to keep it tha way. My hobbies and activities that keep me being positive keep on doing good things for the community.
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Quarantine Ko

Mga qawain namin para malampasan ang pandemic na ito. Nakakatamad pero mas nakakapraning kung tutunganga na lang.
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Tanos Slam Book

This page is about immaturity and being a poser. The purpose of this page is to hurt your eyes.
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Me Myself and I

This slam book is all about me just being me.
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Christmas Slambook

This slambook is about christmas and other related question. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I'm so excited that I prepare our Christmas decoration 2 months before Christmas. These are the questions I want you to answer about christmas and how you spend this wonderful event with your loved ones.
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To everyone

This is my message to everyone and to scholars 20 years from now.:')
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chupapi munyayo

If you're looking for its definition and how it started, it's somewhere on this page.
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Travel Moments

These are my friends and my memories with them. Happy moments with my family and friends.
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Mika Celeste

Hello! I'm Mika from the Philippines and I would like to welcome you to my stikah page. I'm new here..:') I love reading and my favorite fictional character is Coreen Samantha Aquino..
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This page is about books that you find interesting, authors, places where you read often and discussions of books previously read.
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Thomas Edison Slam Book

I am one of the most outstanding inventor in the history of the world. I did it during the time where innovations are highly-needed due to lack of technological advancement. You should all be thankful to me so stop using TIKTOK.
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Pop Punk World

This slambook is about pop punk/ punk rock and any related item that I think is relevant to it. I know this isn't the best way to express this, but I think this would suffice. Punk rock has been my life since high school. I breath punk rock and I live it every day. Headphone is my portal to this world and I would like to know other people who's into something like this. It isn't childish, I think, but rather another way to express yourself.
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Quarantine Slambook

Mga tanong na lumitaw sa akin dahil sa mahabang quarantine period.
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What I Learned From The Bible

These are the things that makes me a person in the hand of God. He helps me and gives me all the good things in my life. He walks with me during my trials. He won't leave me. I won't leave him.
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Kaori Oinuma

Si Kaori ay nakilala mula sa PBB and tagged as "Kawaii Daughter of Japan" winning the third place.
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