• Any user can join as long as he or she is 18 years old or above.
  • You are not to upload an image that is not yours. Using copyrighted images are prohibited.
  • You are not allowed to upload files other than images.
  • Bullying of any form is not allowed here.
  • You will not post any abusive, false and defamatory material on our website.
  • You are not to create a false account for anyone with or without consent.
  • You shall not upload malicious script in any programming language.
  • You are not allowed to post large amount of text in the purpose to slow down our request processing capability by any means.
  • You shall not use our website for any unlawful act or scheme.
  • All users are prohibited to use our website in any act that may violate someone else's right.
  • We reserve the rights to deny access or permanently prohibit any user who do not follow our terms and conditions from using our services.

What you should know about your information

  • The only information that is not public is your username and password.
  • Your information is not duplicated in any way for any purpose other than backing up in case a database failure happened.
  • We would not give your information to any entity for any purpose.
  • When you log in using your Facebook account, your email, your complete name and a code from Facebook will be saved to our database which will be used for signing in.
  • When you log in as guest, all your data can't be accessed again.


  • While we exercise our utmost secure ways in keeping your informations safe, we, just like any other services cannot withstand all kinds of illegal activities to copy your informations.
  • Your information is not duplicated in any way for any purpose other than backing up in case a database failure happened.
  • Our facilities use third-party components that may or may not be collecting the same data that we collect.
  • You need to provide your email to retrieve your account when you forgot your password.

What we can do with your information

  • We can publicly show (if necessary) any of your information to the authorities during a situation where a legal case was filed.
  • We can show all your information (other than username and password) on a public page within the website.
  • We can delete any data that has been requested by the copyright owner of that data.
  • We can delete any posts that are proven to be harmful in any way to someone in any form upon the request of the victim.

How to delete your information

  • On the main menu while signed in, click your name to activate a dropdown.
  • On the list of options, click Security.
  • On your security options, click Delete Information.
  • Enter your password and follow the instructions to start deleting your information.

  • The above privacy policies may change without notice.