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About Me
  • Name: jisoo montes
  • Gender: F
  • Sections Created: 17
  • Signee: 5
  • My School: San Roque National High School
Frozen Fever
What I'm excited about the upcoming sequel of Frozen.
  • There are new songs and our kids will like it for sure.
  • The adventure will happen outside Arendelle.
  • Elsa will about to explode in such a way that she's no longer holding her back on showing her real side.
  • The story would be about the main characters seeking a mystery about their kingdom so it's a fun A-D-V-E-N-T-U-R-E for us to watch!
  • Kristen Bell is still Anna and I love her.
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  • i love disney frozen!1 year ago.

  • Can you add anything about this list? Frozen is my favorite.1 year ago.

My Song
My 10 favorite song.
  • One last cry
  • Over my Head Better Off Dead by SUM 41
  • In too Deep
  • pieces by sum 41
  • Sacrifice by Elton John
  • All Celine Dion songs!
  • Thank You by Dido
  • One last cry
  • Fireflies by owl city
  • Perfect by Simple plan

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Earns Diolola
What is the funniest thing about Earns Diolola?
  • I saw his latest video about Jan-Jan and his mother's kaguran..haha
  • Love his videos
  • I love his videos.. They should have a collaboration with Joy Pomida..That would be epic.
Disney Princess
My princess and why?
  • Jasmine in Alladin is my best princess on Disney ever since until I met Elsa.
Questions about Blackpink for certified BLINKS!
  • Sino ng panglimang member ng Blackpink?
  • Pang ilan sila individually sa list of 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018?
  • Ano ang kanilang first album?
  • Sinong member ng Blackpink ang may cameo sa music video ng Big Bang?
  • Ano ang Zodiac Sign ng mga members?
  • Sino sa kanila ang hindi South Korean?
  • First member sa group na nagkaboyfriend?
  • Sinu-sino ang original members of Blackpink?
  • Ano ang real name ni Jennie?
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  • i hope you could answer this!!1 year ago.

Bad Habit
Anu-ano ang mga bad habit mo?
  • Being impatience
  • I only think about myself most of the time. I'm selfish but I don't want to admit it to other people.
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Ano ang nickname mo sa skul nung nag-aaral kapa?
  • Nino
  • Nen-nen
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No to Plastic
Ano ang masasabi mo sa mga taong orocan?
  • They deserve to be recycled in the pit.
  • Mabuti pa ang papel madaling magupit. Ang plastik, hindi kasi, makapal!!!!
sana or lisa
Choose your bias, Sana or Lisa?
  • A
  • S
  • I
  • L
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Anong klaseng kaibigan ako?
  • Masungit
  • Simple
  • Pikonin
  • Pabida
  • Madaldal
  • Tahimik
  • Iyakin
  • Palabiro
  • Mabait
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Jisoo Zodiac Sign
Can you guess Jisoo's Zodiac Sign?
  • 42edd7cfbf
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  • type your answer on capital letter.. double click on entry first..1 year ago.

Listahan ng mga nakakabagot na gawain.
  • Lumabas ng bahay kc wala ngang pera!
  • Manood ng TV kc di parin namamatay si Cardo Dalisay.
  • Gumala lalo ngayon na walang pasok at walang pera!
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My Type
Mga type kong guy..
  • Brave
  • Know how play with our future children
  • Not so dark
  • Smart with sense of humor
  • Muscle guy
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Ang aking kras pero di niya ako kras.
  • Goth girl for me.
  • Maricel
  • ikaw
  • itago nalang natin sa pangalang Jessica Beppler.
  • Myself
  • Marvin
motto ko to
Ang aking moto. Ikaw, ano motto mo?
  • Aral muna bago landi..
  • Bobo pero magtatapos ako.
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  • What I'm excited about the upcoming sequel of Frozen.1 year ago.

Hello EX
Ano ang gusto mong sabihin kay ex?
  • Nasa kama kana, naghanap kapa ng papag. Yan tuloy, ang dugyot mo na.
  • Parang puyat ka ngayon, stress kaba?
  • Hello! Sino na ang nilalandi mo ngayon?
my Talents
Ang mga talent ko sa buhay.
  • I'm a ninja so, I eat pizza a lot..
  • Masaktan ng paulit-ulit.
  • Pigilang umutot kc nanjan si crush.
  • Magmahal kahit di minamahal.
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