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About Me
  • Name: Melanie Millery
  • Gender: F
  • Sections Created: 6
  • Signee: 0
  • What I made of:: 10% fan of BTS and 90% of BLACKPINK
Blackpink Lisa
These are the nicknames of BLACKPINK Lisa.
  • lisa-oppa
  • 04fc9fcc47
  • nallalisa
  • d875227449
How many boyfriends did you have?
  • 2 haha
  • None :'(
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Family tradition?
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old skul
My schools from kinder to present.
  • Grade 7 to Present St. Therese Academy
  • Grade 2 to Grade 6 Gifted Learners Academy
  • Kinder to Grade 1 Mayamot Elementary School
Which is better, EXO or BTS? and what's your reason?
  • BTS is Grammy-Nominated so, you know my answer.
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What are the reason why you keep on loving Blackpink?
  • Did I already said that they look like dolls? Dying to have that kind of skin..
  • It's awesome that they can sing while dancing with hip-hop moves.
  • They are the ultimate girl-crush of everyone!
  • They have synchronized movement when dancing. And doing it gracefully at all times.. full beauty!
  • Basically, they look like living dolls.. especially Lisa!
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