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  • About this diary: This will be my official online diary where no one can really know.
In this world full of greedy bastards, no one really cares.
  • Remind me not to beg for my life when I'm about to die.
  • Live Free or Die! No one appreciates hero these days.
  • Don't make it harder for the one you seek help.
  • I need to be prepared for everything. I'm raising against time.
  • People act according to their purpose or goals. When someone tells me I'm lazy I just tell them I have my own goal which is to conserve energy.
  • If you're expecting something in return from every good deed you did for someone, better not help other people you greedy bastard.
  • Don't waste more time pleasing other people, time spent will never return. Watch a movie instead.
  • Keep improving, people are greedy for perfections.
  • The only people who would love your craft are your family if you have one.
  • You give them the beef and they give you unsatisfaction in return, that's the rule my friend.

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  • This is basically the most savage post ever.10 months ago.

October 19
I can't sleep, I'm so excited to start the day.
  • 12:00 noon - apparently, my sleep last night wasn't enough. I've taken a nap and I'm starving. My husband cooked this shrimp recipe he found on the internet. He cooked it with the tradional pugon. It smells tasty. I will eat it with bare hands.
  • Batman season 3 just started. I'm glad my cute daughter liked it too. One thing, she pauses it everytime Batman or Robin is in trouble.
  • 8:30 am - breakfast is pudding with caramel.
  • 7:30 am - Feeling so refreshed with that longer sleep than usual. Dreamed about the great flood. Scared as hell.
  • My website increased it's page rank today and it's a big leap I guess but not yet good enough. I'm beginning to think this isn't the best way to have passive income. I'm still hoping my rank will increase a little bit more after a month.
  • About to finish Batman season 2 but I'm gonna save the last episode for the morning.
  • Still awake. I need to sleep. It feels like my body needs it but my mind wants do something.
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December 07
I need to fight laziness and try to do shits little step forward once in a while.
  • Done mopping the floor while the rest of the family are asleep. Weekends should start with a clean house. A little achievement to include on my list. And it's not even half of the day. Looking forward for more finished task today.
  • I don't feel sleeping again. It's 3:00 in the morning. No work this weekend just this task I keep telling you about.haha
  • I'm a little worried about this small pain my husband i s feeling on his groin. Hoping for the best.
  • On the bright side, we've managed to complete the sum of amount we need for a small lot that we've wanted.
  • I still not doing it. I'm not finish with this task I'm stocked with. Not that I can't do it but simply because It bores me. It's an easy errand that I think is very hard for a person that thinks just like me.
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  • I don't think this is a good idea for everyone to make their diary online and readily available for the public.9 months ago.

December 12
December is coming so don't give me nothing. I got all what I wanted.
  • At almost 4:00 pm my I took my son to a toy store and bought him a Sgt. Kororo action figure.
  • 9:53 am first shift is done.. My task is not finished yet..
  • 5:45 am - I need to do some task earlier today. My man is not feeling well because he underwent a minor surgey about his torn muscle. And I still need to finish this long-timed due paper works that I really think is useless but still part of the job.
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October 17
Remind me about the things that happened today after 5 years.
  • Hello i like
  • Just finished the first season of Batman. It was my childhood show and I haven't able to finish it then. So I watched it as an adult after I joined a facebook group about Batman Fandom.
  • After work, we visited a local pet store. My daughter always love anything about animals. She really like to be a Vet i think. We saw some fishes and other animals inside.
  • 4:00 - and I'm still watching Batman (the animated series) 4 more episodes of season 1.
  • Awake at 3:00 then I lighted our christmas tree. You would know I'm from the Philippines because of the christmas-related baloney. Anyway, I turn off the other lights so I can enjoy more of the scene.
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What do you tell yourself when you feel unmotivated?
  • I tell myself I needed to take actions for my dreams and for my family.
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November 5
Very busy days right now.
  • Got so many LIKES on our page today. So thankful to all the users who helped us.
  • 5:42 - eating breakfast with hot chocolate. I think my boss is going to be a hot-headed monster today. Didn't finish my paperwork and it's time to take a bath.
  • 4:30 am - Finishing this paper works for my boss. I will settle with inaccuracy if i need to finish this before due date. hahah
  • I don't feel like being me right now. Feeling tired and lazy.
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October 26
A good weekend.
  • Woke up again at 7:00 am.. I trimmed our Chinese bamboo in front of our house.
  • Woke up at 3:00 am. My husband and I watched VLOGs from youtube and ended watching about Switzerland. I always wanted to visit that place.
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October 18
My day started with a backpain.
  • work ended at 3:00 and it's a glorious Friday for me.
  • 5:00 am preparing for breakfast
  • 4:00 am - Woke up with a packpain.
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