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Let Me Ask
Let Me Ask
These are some of the most insane questions you can hear from a person. I hope you enjoy some of my random thoughts.
These are some of the most insane questions you can hear from a person. I hope you enjoy some of my random thoughts.
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About Me
Q What is your strangest habit?
A I just can't forget the past. I want to live in different time. Seems like not normal I guess but It makes me want to go further in improving my life so I can recreate past. Am I crazy for doing this?
Q Who broke you heart?
A A girl name Suzzy
Q Who is the happiest person you met?
A My friend Manny
Q What makes you nervous?
A Beautiful girls
Music Related
Q What was the last song you listened to?
A Sunday Girl by Blondie
Q What song would you want to play in your funeral?
A Imagine by John Lennon
Q You are trapped in an infinite time loop, what song would you want to play?
A Canon by Johann Pachelbel
Q Perfect make out song?
A Anything with a saxophone
Q What song reminded you about your childhood?
A First of May by Bee Gees
Q Did you ever write a song? What is it about?
A Yes. It's a hip-hop song and I still don't know what is it about. ;')
Q What type of music do you like?
A Mozart, Bach and other related genre
Something Personal
Q What makes you smile?
A When I remember happy moments. Childish memories that I want to relive. Then you will go back to your senses and will realize you're not living that life anymore.
Q What's the greatest lesson in life you learned so far?
A That life can surprise you in both ways. You can be happy for a moment then the next day you're completely broken. Life is full of uncertainty and it's exciting to know the next page of my life. It also worries me about the next pain I'm going to experience but I guess that's fair. Everything I have I owe to whoever gave my life.
Q What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
A I'm employed.
Q What’s your biggest insecurity?
A Being less capable than others..
Enjoy life
Reducing time wasted
Doing what I want to do anytime I want
Having a family
Financial Stability
1. What is the craziest dreams you have? That I'm in some other place and when I woke up, I'm actually in that place..
2. Would you consider yourself a good person? Why? Yes. Because I think before I say something. I don't want to hurt other people with what I'm going to say in any way. .
3. How will you describe a true friend? A true friend is the one that recognize you whenever you meet. It doesn't matter where. Your presence will always be a good day to say hello. You don't need to say something. You both feel how especial your friendship is..
Things I Can Do
Read Books for 5 hours and more
Shutting myself from the internet
Wasting time on fiction
Color: Green
Travel Destination: Europe
Food: Japanese food
Drink: Beer, mango juice and cucumber juice
Movie: About Time
Past time: Watching movie, playing my xbox
Sport team: Golden State Warriors
Q Who would you rather be in a prison cell, Mike Tyson or Manny Pacquiao?
A Manny seems like a good person.
Q Which is a better way to escape problem, going to gym or playing your console?
A Playing console is the answer to everything
Q Would you rather watch movie alone or with someone else?
A Alone
Q Would you rather have a horse or a car?
A Car
Q Who would you rather date, Chloë Grace Moretz or Mila Kunis?
A Chloë

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