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Happines Slam
I enjoy the little things in life and you should too. Below are my thoughts of being a happy person and how to keep it tha way. My hobbies and activities that keep me being positive keep on doing good things for the community.
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1. Reading novel.
2. Drinking coffee
3. Gardening
4. Sewing
5. Watching news
6. Watching movies
7. Playing word game
8. Biking with friends
The Most Important
The most important thing in the world is peace. Whatever you achieved in life is useless when you need to guard your fortune. Sometimes we give to much importance to an object that gives other people's admiration. Peace is the most important thing in the world. Peace is happiness.
I do
1. Before I speak I think about the impact of my words to other people.
2. My worst vice is I have an issue on managing my anger..
Pup 4 Lyf
Marion: Lovable, furry, cute as a bunny
D rock: Messy, athlethic and messy
Q Why do you think all people should be happy?
A For the simple reason that they are alive. Some people take for granted the time with their families. Some uses it to build riches and fortune. You can use your life to something for yourself or use it for something greater. Whatever it is that you want, life can give you all of it. But that's not only life can do. It can take everything from you. Which comes to the other best thing you should be happy about. Time is another gift to you. You can cheat life through time. When your hurt, you want to make the pain go away and want to feel numb in any way you can. Your heart aches, your mind can't think and you don't feel working. Then you drink liquor and let the time past, cheating time. When you're happy, you want the time to stop and want to cherish the time. You feel like you don't want that feeling to stop. I'm telling you my friend, you can be happier than what you feel in that instance. You can prevent some of your heartaches. Human have the ability to decide for his life (you should be thankful about this too). You are responsible for all the happiness and heartache in some way. And you can decide to be happy or feel miserable. Whatever it is your feeling, you can make it go away or you can keep it. Imagine other things that life has to offer; a life that we are in control.
Ask Me
Q Good deed you did for someone?
A I lend a cheap amount to a boy of my age on the same block which I'm in. He was trying to buy an action figure from a store.
Q Saddest moment in life?
A Someone dear to me passed away but I understand it as part of life. We're nothing but a passer in life. I still remember all the movies we've watched together. We were teens back then.
Book about kindness: The Invisible Boy
Spiritual Journey: The Purpose Driven Life
Being Simple: The Joy of Less
Anger: Anger Management for Dummies
Q Why should you try not being sad?
A Sadness is always an option. Bad things will keep coming with different extent. It is to the person if he will let it destroy his happy life. Imagine the things that ahead of you. The things you lost may come or may not come but it's part of the excitement. There is something to look forward into everyday. You may need to deal with your pain, but don't close your heart for a better and happy life ahead.
Keeping Pain to Make Me Happy
1. Keeping Pain sometimes help me Think that whatever it is that I'm happy about whether I got promoted or having vacation, it can be taken away in a snap. My son died in my arm and I still remember what I said to him that day. I will keep that pain. I was not a good father to him and I will never got the chance to make up with him but I will just accept it as it is. The reason is that it makes me go back to my senses whenever I feel like it's not a good day. I will always think that what I feel about today is nothing to the pain the exact moment I've said my farewell to my son. I will go to his 2 sisters and hugged them to remind me that I am in control of my happiness. My family is my happiness and they are just in the other room. I can be happy whenever I want..
Places to Visit
1. Japan
2. Italy
3. Switzerland
4. Germany
5. New York
List of Songs
Only Hope: Mandy Moore
Father & Son: Cat Stevens
Skyline Pigeon: Elton John
Untitled: Simple Plan
My Fortune
Q First Kiss
A Ana my neighbor
Q How naughty are you when you're a child?
A I accidentally broke a window glass from our church
Q Hero/s
A Biker Mice
College Buddies
1. Marlon Acabads
2. Elpie Mobs
3. Serge Brozas
4. Jules Tapac
Prevent Sadness
Heartache: Just feel it and accept that you're human. Nothing last forever. NO PAIN LASTS FOREVER.
Keeping Happiness: Happiness is free and can be repeated. Use your time to keep your happiness. If your family is your happiness, stay with them as much longer as you should. If you think you need to work far for the family because you want to give them better life, go and make it happen. Whatever it is that you will do, always ask yourself if it will makes you happy.

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