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About Me
  • Name: Ryan Cabalquinto
  • Gender: M
  • Sections Created: 128
  • Signee: 24
  • About Me: Nothing interesting. Just a punk rocking anarchist.
What do you like the most about Batman?
  • He don't give up easily and he is wise on every aspect.
  • He has a code of conduct. He would try to save everyone even his enemies. He is always ahead about everything compared to everyone else.
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Worst Punk
Who is the worst punk rocker and why?
  • Good Charlotte
  • John Lydon
  • Anyone who uses this auto-tune crap.
  • Wait I'm thinking.......
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The most meaningful Christmas experience you had.
  • Me and my sister spent our Christmas on a hotel in Baguio. The road is closed so there is nowhere to go. We spent Christmas thinking about the blessings we took for granted. We are away from our family and we're broke. When we returned home we celebrated the Christmas 4 days late. Can't tell the difference really.
  • We spent our Christmas in a hospital and saw what life is from different perspective. I realized how important it is to spend more time with your family. Never take for granted everything you have just because they're just there to give you comfort. Nothing last forever and you don't control time. Cheat life by making memories with all the people you love. Only then you can say that you have lived your life to the fullest. At least for me.
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Line in a Song
Favorite line in a punk rock song.
  • "I just wanna Live, I don't really care about the things that they say", by Good Charlotte
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What is your first concert?
  • Taylor's Swift (RED or something)
  • Incubus
  • Barbie's Cradle
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DNHS Memories
What are your favorite memories in Dolores National High School?
  • Mas maupay hadto kay waray gud masyado lingaw. Yana parang boring lugod.
  • Sarayaw bsan deri ak nasayaw.
  • Hotcake ngan guduya ha gawas mahidlaw na bawo.
  • Lucky 9 (ambot kun maaram kam hin) hahah
  • Library is life because waray internet sugad yana.
  • Pagdaradlos ha Kalumpang ngan paghirimo hin plot.. Maupay la pagtinanum hin pechay..haha
Concerts I attended because I have a life to live.
  • RELIENT K Live in Manila
  • New Found Glory in Manila
  • Pulp Summerslam and a roman Numeral
  • BazOoka rocKs 2
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my QuoTEs in LifE
These are the core of my existence expressed in phrases.
  • immaturity is the best excuse for everything...
  • pUnk rOck is strOnger thAn dEath.
  • thE best pLAn is haVing no PLan.
  • I just wAnt to livE and nothinG else.
  • if(you = hypocrite){me=hate you; }
  • my Family, my LifE.
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Line in a Song
Nothing fancy, just line in a song.
  • "Don't really care about the thing that they say", by I forgot
  • "even if my collar bone's crush or crumble, I will never slip or stumble, I'm a soldier", soldier by eminem
  • "Ha? Inosente lang ang nagtataka", by Philippine Violators
  • lunes nang tayo'y magkakilala.
  • She's cold and she's cruel But she knows what she's doin'- Just the Girl by THE CLICK FIVE
  • "I who have nothing" by I don't know
  • ゴキゲンな蝶になって きらめく風に乗って今すぐ キミに会いに行こう
  • It has to be so lonely to be the only one who's holy- paramore
  • Beat on the brat with a baseball bat - Ramones
  • "Choose not a life of imitation" by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Christmas prayer, anyone?
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Top 10 fav songs
Just read the title dumb ass!
  • "can you feel the love tonight" by elton john
  • "The Christmas Song" by someone I don't really care knowing
  • and
  • seven
  • pUnk
  • SOnGs
  • M
  • O
  • R
  • E

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Your top 10 punk rock songs.
  • Call Me and One Another by Blondie, Basket Case and I'm Just a Kid.. Girls all the bad guys want
  • In too Deep and Over my head Better off Dead by sum 41, blitzkrieg bop by Ramones, Addicted by Simple Plan, Punk rock 101 by Bowling for Soup, Staying together for the kids and The Rockshow by Blink 182, Buddy Holly by Weezer, I just wanna live by Good Charlotte and My Friends Over You by New Found Glory.
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my subjects
What I like in school and where I do best.
  • Cheating
  • Math
  • Doing nothing.
  • Going out during classes
  • and
  • Recess
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Wat I reAlly waNt
My life should have been one of the following if it didn't ended being a damn *******.
  • My life should have been awesome if it didn't end up being a garbage.
  • I should have been an actor.
  • a millionaire so I can be a bassist of a punk band..:')
  • actually, anything as long as it's in a banD
  • a bassist of a pUnk banD
Christmas movies you always watch every season.
  • Klaus 2019 (This would be my favorite from now on)
  • Home Alone and Santa Clause
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Best time of your life?
  • Married
  • College
  • Married
  • Married
  • Single
  • College
  • High School
  • Elementary
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Last concert you've ever attended?
  • Offspring
  • Parokya ni Edgar
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Loudest concert?
  • Steve Aoki
  • All Time Low
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What kind of concert do you prefer?
  • POP
  • Any loud rock concert
  • Punk, pop-punk, post-hardcore
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Punk Icon
If you would pick a punk icon to be the face of punk rock, who would it be
  • Debbie Harry
  • Deborah Ann Harry
  • Sid Vicious
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